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When a death occurs

What to do following a bereavement?

Whether or not we knew it would happen, our emotions always take us by surprise. They are our heart’s response to losing someone who was a part of our lives. In losing them, we have in evitably lost a part of ourselves. There is no right or wrong way to react, and everybody grieves differently.

We know that when a death occurs, it can be a challenging time in your life. This page has been designed to guide you through the steps following a bereavement. Our caring, compassionate, and experienced team of funeral arrangers are here to try to alleviate some stress by offering advice, guidance and support for you through the most challenging times of making the funeral arrangements for your loved one.

What to do first?

Luckily for many of us, arranging a funeral for a loved one isn’t something we have to do very often throughout our lifetime, and it may not be something we have done at all. However, sadly losing a loved one brings about many questions, the first being, “What do we do first?”.

Grief and losing a loved one can be a very powerful emotions, and the need to think clearly is often challenging to achieve.

At Cherish Funeral Directors, our team are here to talk you through the steps you need to take to register a death and how to obtain the required forms. Our wealth of experience and knowledge means that we can try to take the pressure away from you during your time of grief.

Cherish Independent Family Funeral Directors are available around the clock to help and offer advice, guidance and support as questions may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you feel able, even if this is outside of regular hours. We are here to help and assist you with anything you might need day or night on

  • Swadlincote—01283 205818
  • Walsall—01922 631385
  • Coalville– 01530 441300
  • Burton—01283 241241
What to do when a loved one passes away at home?

When a loved one passes away at home, the first step is confirming that the person has died. This is called verifying the death.

When someone passes away at home, and it is expected the Doctor, Nurse, or special care team who has been treating your loved one should be contacted. The Doctor or a colleague will attend to confirm that a death has occurred. Once you have contacted the Doctor’s surgery or out-of-hours team, a doctor will come as soon as possible to verify that the person has died.

Once this has happened, you can contact Cherish Funeral Directors Independent Family Funeral Directors on any of the numbers above where we will guide you through how we will arrange to bring your loved one into our care.

At Cherish Funeral Directors, we offer a service that is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so rest assured of our highest care and attention at all times. If your loved one has seen their Doctor during the last 14 days of their illness, a medical certificate will be issued by the Doctor stating the cause of death. This certificate will then be sent to the registrar usually within five days, to formally register the death and obtain a death certificate.

My loved one has died in a Hospital or Hospice?

When a death occurs in a Hospital or Hospice, the staff will take care of the initial arrangements and notify the bereavement office to arrange for the Doctor to issue the Medical Certificate of Cause Of Death, which you may need to collect along with any belongings. It is at this point the hospital or Hospice may want to know who your chosen funeral directors are. Please note you are obligated to select the funeral director of your choice.

All hospitals, hospices, and other places of care will always do their very best to support you during this demanding and challenging time. Many will have certain rooms set aside for families to gather. Even if the hospital or Hospice is a very busy one, please do not feel that you are “In the way”. Take your time, and accept the help and offers of support. The health profession is staffed by people who have a very clear understanding of the things you may be feeling during this time. Contact a friend or relative if you are alone, as their help will be invaluable. Do not make decisions alone unless the death was expected and has been prepared for.

When Contacting Cherish Independent Family Funeral Directors, we will arrange a suitable time when you feel ready to discuss your requirements and arrange to bring your loved one into our care with the hospital or Hospice.

How does a Doctor or Nurse verify a Death?

Some things need to be done to confirm a loved one’s death, and some people prefer to leave the room when this is happening. These include checking the person’s pupils for any reaction, checking for breathing and listening for their pulse with a stethoscope.

Although nurses can verify that someone has died, only a doctor can give you a medical certificate of death (MCCD), which will be completed within a couple of days after a loved one’s death.

If the Doctor is unsure about the actual cause of death, even if it was from natural causes, or if the deceased died suddenly and had not been under a doctor’s care during the past 14 days, or if the death is unnatural, they may refer the deceased’s case to the coroner for further investigation.

If your friend or loved one dies in a hospital or Hospice, the staff will organise for the death to be verified.

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